Advertising word laser welding machine

Advertising word laser welding machine

Content:Advertising word laser welding machine which is professional machine for metal words welding.

Advertising word laser welding machine's show



        Advertising word laser welding machine Application of high-energy pulsed laser welding of
objects, the machine itself with German technology, the overall appearance of beautiful, equipped
with high-performance load-bearing platform, handle-type operation is simple, cost-effective for a
variety of advertising industry, small welding processing industry

        Advertising laser welding machine features

        1, fast, is the traditional welding 5 times;

        2, low cost, do not need any welding consumables;

        3, welding effect is good, welding firm, there will be no desoldering, and no welding spot;

        4, heat affected area is small, will not cause the phenomenon of deformation due to heat.

        5, wide applicability, can be welded0.2mm-1.0mmThick material, can be welded 3cm-120cm
size of the font;

        6, cost-effective, provincial labor and welding consumables, and consumables are less than
1/10 of traditional welding.


        1, raw and cooked hands can quickly learn to operate,Save expensive labor costs for you!

        At present, both the more developed coastal areas, or underdeveloped inland areas, have
encountered varying degrees of recruitment problems, technical personnel wages are doubled; the
product is simple and convenient, Machine operation
,For you to solve technical personnel difficult to
recruit, technical personnel wages high problem!

        2, the workers are high efficiency, work is not tired!

        The traditional logo welding using solder, argon arc welding, etc., low efficiency, easy fatigue,
the product breakthroughs in traditional practices, the use of directional point to point welding
than ordinary welding word 10-15 times, high efficiency, and the operation of workers sitting posture
to solve the problem of tired work!

        3, work clean and health, enhance the company's image!

        Advertising word laser welding machine in the work, welding smoke-free, no light, ultra-low
noise, regardless of size identification, how complex can be welded, welding precision, meticulous,



        Applied for welding on kinds of metal channel letters.Metal material such as stainless steel,
titanum,Ni,Sn,Zn,Cu,Cr,gold silver etc.

Technical Parameters 

Laser model CY-G200
Laser power 200W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser working medium ND:YAG
Frequency Range 1-200KHz
Spot adjustment range 0.1mm-3mm
Pulse Width 0.1ms-20ms
Positioning system CCD/Red light
Machine power 10KW
Machine weight 110KGS
Operating temperature 15°C-35°C
Power supply requirements AC220V  50Hz


Advertising word laser welding machine's show


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