Portable MOPA laser marking machine

Portable MOPA laser marking machine

Content:Portable MOPA laser marking machine is currently on the market the most environmental protection, health and safety of marking equipment.



Portable MOPA laser marking machine show






1.Adjustable pulse width,wider frequency range,the marking affect is more precise;
2.Metal color marking easier to achieve;
3.Metal products' surface and depth of marking shading delicate,plastic products,marking should
not be yellow.


Applicable Industry



   Various types of metal and most of the plastic products,the effectis more delicate than the ordinary
fiber-optic marking machine,in the 
mobile phone box,mobile phone box,mobile phone shell,
transparent button marked with obvious advantages.




Model CY-MP20B CY-MP30B
Laser power 20W 30W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Frequency range 1~1000KHz
Pulse wideth range 1-200ms(Adjustable)
Marking speed <7000mm/s
Repetition precision ±0.003mm
Min line width 0.03mm
Cabinet size 600x800x1350mm
Weight 80kgs
Operating temperature 15~35
Power 220V/50Hz/10A
Supported software AI,Coreldraw,Auto CAD



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