LED laser marking machine

LED laser marking machine

Content:LED laser marking machine is currently on the market the most environmental protection, health and safety of marking equipment.

LED laser marking machine's show



     LED laser marking machine with eight stations (depending on the specific circumstances of the
product can be designed for 6 or 4 stations) 3D three-dimensional rotating turntable design, optical
X, Z-axis manual movement adjustable, a single station between the independent work, automatic
360 ° rotation, reduce the loading and unloading time, improve work efficiency. Applicable to the
production of 10K / d above the bulb, requiring double-sided, three-sided or 360 ° rotation marking
the product, the whole operation of the machine only need to manually manual manual feeding a
simple link, double table, Flat marking, round marking a machine dual-use, simple operation, fast,
high efficiency, marking clear, no loss.


        1, marking speed, the use of high-speed digital scanning head, reducing the delay to provide
marking speed.

        2, marking high precision, brand fiber laser, laser beam quality, for the basement membrane
(TEM00) output.

        3, long life, laser module life & gt; 100000 hours, the traditional end pump life & lt; 500 hours, the
semiconductor & lt; 10000 hours

        4, low energy consumption, the use of the whole air-cooled laser design, no supplies,
maintenance-free, low cost.

        5, the control software running in the WINDOWS operating system, the Chinese interface, easy
to operate, compatible with AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop and other software formats, such as PLT,
AI, DXF, DWG, BMP, JPG, but also directly use the system font , Can be serial number, bar code and
other marking, with automatic jump function.

        6, multi-station automatic feeding to reduce the labor intensity and loading and unloading time,
one person in charge of multiple equipment, improve production efficiency.




        1, LED lights, energy saving lamps, lamp holder, lamp holder, flashlight, lamp cup;

        2, ordinary metal and alloy (especially for aluminum), the surface of special treatment
(phosphating, aluminum anodized, electroplated surface), plastic, PVC / PC / PU \ ABS material,
epoxy resin.

Technical Parameters 

Model CY-10W CY-20W CY-30W
Laser power 10W 20W 30W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Marking range Min70mm,110x110mm,300mm Max
Frequency range 20~200KHz
Marking speed <7000mm/s
Repetition precision 0.001mm
Min line width 0.05mm
Minimum character 0.15mm
Operating temperature 15~35
Power 220V/50Hz/10A
Supported software AI,Coreldraw,Auto CAD


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