Alumina black laser marking machine

Alumina black laser marking machine

Content:Alumina black laser marking machine can be used alumina marking,without dye,it can be mark black color on alumina products.It is the most environmental protection, health and safety of marking equipment.

Alumina black laser marking machine's show



        Alumina black laser marking machineUsing the world's most advanced laser developed from
a new generation of laser marking system. The laser is used to output the laser, and the marking
function is realized by controlling the deflection of the scanning galvanometer. Widely used in various
types of metal and non-metallic materials, fine marking, especially for mobile phones, computers,
consumer electronics accessories surface fine marking.


        ◆With solid fiber lasers, electro-optical conversion efficiency of up to 60%, excellent beam
.4,Suitable for ultra-fine processing.

        ◆Focus spot diameter 10um. Divergence angle is the semiconductor pump laser 1/4, to create
a high precision marking effect.

        ◆Using the original German scanning galvanometer, marking speed, high precision, quality is
more assured.

        ◆Full air-cooled design, 100,000 hours without supplies, maintenance-free, low cost; energy
saving, machine power is only 500W.

        ◆One modular design, small size, easy to install.


Applicable materials and industry applications

        Especially for the depth, smoothness, fine requirements of high areas, such as IC chips, digital
products, precision machinery, jewelry, sanitary ware, measuring tools, watches and clocks, glasses,
electrical appliances, electronic components, metal jewelry, Auto parts, plastic products, medical
equipment, and other high-precision products, micro-processing logo.

Technical Parameters 

Model FBL-10 FBL-20
Average output power 10W 20W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Source of excitation Yb - doped fiber
Beam quality M2< 1.4 M2< 1.8
Modulation frequency 20kHz-100kHz
Carving depth 0.4 0.5
Carving range 110x110mmor160x160mmOptional
Maximum wire speed ≤10000mm/s
Minimum character 0.10mm 0.20mm
Minimum line width 0.010mm 0.015mm
Repeat accuracy ±0.001mm
Power supply 220V/50-60Hz
Power consumption 400W 500W
Cooling method Air-cooled


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