Mould laser welding machine boom type

Mould laser welding machine boom type

Content:The host has a laser head hand lift and table button electric lift to achieve the welding of different thickness of the laser welding die processing. This model is more suitable for all kinds of high-power, large area laser repair mold.

Mould laser welding machine boom type's show



        ★10 directions flexible adjustment of the welding angle position, suitable for a variety of mold repair welding.

        ★For large molds, you can use the workbench, directly on the ground or forklift for mold welding.

        ★With high-power split chillers and high-power laser cavity, long time, high-power welding, the stability is better.

        ★Using the British ceramic condenser cavity, high reflectivity, long service life.

        ★Workbench base electric lifting, table movement using precision ball screw and high precision straight guide light and flexible, accurate positioning.

        ★Laser head can be sliding before and after, manual lift, laser head can be easily rotated 360 degrees, easy to repair any side.

        ★Observation system:

        Equipped with a cross-cursor stereoscopic microscope, welding position to enlarge 10 times, (optional 15 ×, 20 ×).

        The cross cursor center aligns with the center of the laser spot. With high-speed liquid crystal light valve filter protection device to protect the welding of the eyes will not be due to laser flicker and fatigue.

        ★Control System:

        Industrial micro controller real control, high stability, easy maintenance.

        ★Gas protection system:

        Automatic synchronization of argon protection system to ensure that welding parts will not oxidative discoloration.

        ★3D Workbench:

        stroke130mm×250mm×250mm.Can be precision mobile workpiece, load up to 100 kg, Z axis manual lift (standard).

        Users can choose more than 1 ton large mold welding system.



      1、Rotary die laser welding machineApplicable to large-scale mold welding, repair design,
such as automotive mold, chassis mold, home appliances shell and die-casting mold.

      2、The machine is equipped with the boom system can be up and down, 360-degree rotation,
can repair welding radius1
.5Rice, the weight of several tons of large-scale mold, and the equipment
is equipped with pulleys, easy to move, you can move to the diameter of the injection molding
machine welding, no demolition.


Technical Parameters 

Laser model CY-M200L CY-400L
Laser power 200W 400W
Laser wavelength 1064nm
Laser working medium ND:YAG
Frequency Range 1-200KHz
Spot adjustment range 0.1mm-3mm
Pulse Width 0.1ms-20ms
Positioning system CCD/Red light
Machine power 6KW 12KW
Machine weight 300KG 350KG
Operating temperature 15°C-35°C
Power supply requirements AC220V  50Hz AC380V  50Hz


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